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Get The Look: Avril Lavignepic

Get The Look: Avril Lavigne

Neeshabetha LL
Neeshabetha LL Aug 28, 2014
Back To School: Mean Girlspic

Back To School: Mean Girls

What`s up fashionistas?  It`s time to get in that BACK TO SCHOOL funk and get inspired for another year of  boring studies. I know that on…
Neeshabetha LL
Neeshabetha LL Aug 27, 2014

Styling And Makeup: Go Dark Or Go Home

One of the things I really enjoy doing is experimenting with looks and makeup. Today I did a little dark makeover for my sister, including…
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Neeshabetha LL
Neeshabetha LL Jul 20, 2014

Neeshabetha`s Back To Black

Hello beautiful creatures!   It`s been a decade since I posted something. I`m finally home getting back on track. Recently I`ve been going through some changes,one of…
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Neeshabetha LL
Neeshabetha LL Jul 19, 2014
Neeshabetha LL
Neeshabetha LL Jul 19, 2014
neeshabetha vampin'pic
Makeup Revolution: Scandalous Vamppic

Makeup Revolution: Scandalous Vamp

OG CATWOMAN Snapin pics 4 Couture Couture by Juicy Couture upcoming postpic
Neeshabetha x LL's Lookbook Spoilerpic

Neeshabetha x LL's Lookbook Spoiler

Neeshabetha LL
Neeshabetha LL May 15, 2014

Alternative Choice: Prom Looks For 2014

nbsp;Meow!    So the friggin` Prom is coming and for this year`s Prom I prepared even more daring, hard and hot looks. Inspired by characters…
On Wednesdays We Wear Black Babypic
I heart Brixtonpic

I heart Brixton

On my way to Gabriela xx
Neeshabetha Meets Ney Neypic

Neeshabetha Meets Ney Ney

nbsp;Meow lovers! Today I`d like to introduce you to Miss Renee, known as Ney Ney and Toxik Barbie - alternative model, hairdresser, mermaid and free…
Happy Valentines Day!pic

Happy Valentine`s Day!

Hope ya`ll having an awesome Friday and yeah, happy Valentine`s day! Today`s horrorama will be about over the top love, disturbing things, gas masks and…
Morning With: Coco Mademoiselle by Chanelpic

Morning With: Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

Good morning//afternoon babez!       Finally this post about Chanel`s Coco Mademoiselle is done. I got this awesome EDP on my birthday and just like in all my…

Neeshabetha Meets Zainab

   Hope all of you had a great weekend! I am beyond pleased to share with you Interview we`ve rolled with Zainab - kick a**…
Neeshabetha LL
Neeshabetha LL Feb 03, 2014
Midnight Snapspic

Get The Look: Taylor Momsen

Good evening lovers!    I was checking random pictures this afternoon and accidentally I came across this old pic of Taylor. I immediately decided that I just…

Dita Von Teese Rocks Jean Paul Gaultier`s Couture Show In Paris

nbsp; Yo fellas!  One of my style icons, eyecandy Dita Von Teese just killed it at the Jean Paul Gaultier`s couture show in Paris…

Vampire Diaries : Big Twists In Comeback Episode

  Guess who`s back? ALMOST!  One of our fave supernatural TV shows makes it`s way back! I am actually starving for True Blood, especially with it`s…

Hair Cult: Going Pastel

As I`m sitting here researching extra tips and all for the pastel hair, I also decided to share some of them with you. My hair…
Random Neeshabethpic

Random Neeshabeth

“I allow various unknown spiders to crawl on me in order to save their lives” —  me. Random selfie surrounded by random thoughts.

Personal Instagram Diary: Hell Of A Winter

Hey guys! It`s been a while. I`d like to wish amazing New Year to everyone and here`s some moments of my recent months. I`ve been…
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Neeshabetha LL
Neeshabetha LL Jan 13, 2014

Gwen Stefani x OPI + Behind The Scenes

nbsp;     The colder it gets, the more I`m excited! OPI teamed up with one of my style icons - Gwen Stefani and January 2014…

Neeshabetha Meets Alivya Free

nbsp;  I had a great opportunity to chat with awesome designer, model, make up artist and hairstylist Alivya Free. Everything - from her first creation…
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